Too Big for His Britches; Too Busy to Care


Todd Gilbert is the Majority Leader in the House of Delegates.  That’s an important position that could help Shenandoah County.  But that’s not what Todd Gilbert is doing.  Take a look at his record and share it with your friends.


·       Voted NO to provide health care services to more than 400,000 needy Virginians, including 4,000 people in his own District!

·       Voted NO to bring back to Virginia and Shenandoah County millions of dollars in money we have already paid in Federal taxes.  This is money to expand medical services, and money we are simply leaving on the table.

·       Voted NO to provide additional funding to attack the horrible Opioid Drug crisis affecting Shenandoah County.

·       Voted NO to economically strengthen Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital.

·       Voted NO to help hold down the cost of health care insurance for those who can afford it.

·       Voted NO to provide a pay increase for teachers and school staff, something that would have helped Shenandoah County Schools and provided additional funds to help balance the County Budget.

·       Voted NO to provide pay increase for state supported local employees, something that would have helped those who work for Shenandoah County.  Again, this would also have helped balance the County Budget.

·       Voted NO to increase cash reserve to maintain Virginia’s high bond rating, and keep Virginia a strong and appealing place to locate business.

·       Voted NO on legislation to help economically strapped counties in Southwestern Virginia, and apparently did nothing to make this aid available to Page and Shenandoah Counties.