Tim Kaine works hard every day to make good jobs, health care, and education available to all Virginians, while Corey Stewart would be a Yes Man for Donald Trump and his dangerous agenda, while taking us backwards and hurting our economy.


● Tim Kaine is running to make Virginia and our country work for all -- with good jobs, health care, and education available to everyone.

● Tim’s focus is on how to unite our Commonwealth and help grow our economy, give Virginians more health care options for less money, and protect us from threats at home and abroad.

● Corey Stewart is a cruder imitation of Donald Trump who stokes white supremacy -- he has spent the last decade dividing Virginians, empowering the forces of hate, and hurting Prince William County’s economy.

● As Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, Stewart has consistently underfunded public schools -- supporting tens of millions of dollars of educations cuts -- and slashed funding for public health, including a 40 percent cut for maternal and child health programs and 25 percent cut for women’s wellness.

● In the Senate, he would be dangerous for Virginia’s economy -- he supports raising middle class taxes while giving deep permanent tax cuts to big corporations, eliminating the Department of Education, and diverting public school funding to vouchers.

● He would rip health care away from millions of Americans and raise premiums for thousands of Virginia families, and he’s against Medicaid, having opposed expansion in Virginia and even saying he wants “full repeal” of the program, which provides health insurance to more than 1.3 million Virginians.

● Clearly, based on his record and agenda, Stewart is not looking out for hard-working Virginians -- so he is choosing to run a campaign based on fear, division, and nastiness.

● Stewart empowers white supremacists, brags about his harmful attacks on immigrant communities, and boasts that he will be “ruthless” and “vicious” -- that’s not what Virginians want to see more of in Washington.

● They are sick and tired of politicians who promise divisiveness and attacks; they want a senator fighting for them and committed to making Virginia and our country work for everyone -- that’s Tim Kaine.