Chairman Katherine Morrison called the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee meeting to order at 7:31 PM. There were approximately 45 people in attendance.

Introductions: Introductions by attendees. Attendance list on file.

Chairman’s Report: Chairman Katherine Morrison said that Frances Keegan has offered her property on Locust Street as office space for the Democratic Party to use prior to the November election. Katherine said she has been looking for a more visible space on Main Street but has not yet found an affordable option. She asked if anyone knew of an affordable, small place we could rent. Joe’s Steakhouse was suggested. Jeanne Russell volunteered to contact Joe about the possibly renting it.

Katherine requested permission from the Precinct Captains to share their contact information within the group. There were no objections.

Katherine presented for discussion the idea of doing a joint 6th District Congressional Candidate debate with the local Republican Committee. Discussion followed with enthusiasm for some form of debate with both candidates or a town hall event with just the Democratic candidate. It was recommended that we wait to make a final decision until the Democratic candidate is chosen and we see what other types of events are being planned within the 6th District.

Katherine announced the next meeting will be Wednesday, July 11th because the regularly scheduled first Wednesday meeting falls on July 4th. This is a one-time change to the meeting schedule.

Precinct Captains need to set up and schedule people to be at tables in front of voting locations on Tuesday, June 12th. Volunteer sign-up sheets, bumper stickers, and Tim Kaine campaign material is available for use at the tables. Sara Garland will get a one paragraph comment from each of the four candidates to hand out to inquiring voters.

The donation hat was passed around the room. Both checks and cash were accepted.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Minutes from the May 2, 2018 Committee Meeting and the Treasurer’s Report ending May 31, 2018 were presented for approval (motion to accept by Bill Scott, 2nd by Luther Santiful, passed unanimously).

Special Presentation: District 26 House of Delegate Candidate Brent Finnegan encouraged the committee to find someone to run in our district against Todd Gilbert.

Ian McNally, Regional Field Director for the Coordinated Campaign introduced Samantha (Sam) Litchford. She is the Field Director for our area. She will be helping us set up GOTV events. She can be reached at and at 434-258-8133. They both encouraged committee members to take the online training for voter registration and for the committee to do self-filtering registrations. They assured us that the candidates will not be “pulling away from rural areas” this year.

Voter Registration: Linda Allen reported that the Sign Up Genius site is now available for volunteers to use. The site has all the planned voter registration events on it. Members are encouraged to go to to volunteer for events. Everything you need to know about the event is on the site and once you volunteer you will receive a confirmation email. If a member volunteers for a voter registration event they need to watch the online training video at and submit the voter registration application request and affidavit. Everyone will need to watch the new training video which will be available July 1, 2018 to renew their application.

Electoral Board Report: Jeanne Russell reported that more election officials are needed in the southern end of the county for the November election.

6th Congressional District and State Central Committee Reports: Howard Brown reported that the 6th District Committee met in May. The June training session has been cancelled since it conflicted with the Women’s Summit being held at the Hyatt Regency Dulles on June 22nd-23rd. A district fundraiser will be held on July 21st at the Roanoke Transportation Center. It will be a 1930’s theme and feature bands, food, and speakers. Tickets are $70.00 apiece. The Blue Commonwealth Gala will be held on June 16th at the Main Street Station in Richmond. Senator Cory Booker will be the featured speaker. Others speakers include Governor Northam, Senators Kaine and Warner, and Terry McAuliffe. Individual tickets are $150.00. The issue involving District Chair Maria Childress and her inconsistent acceptance of petitions for ballot approval from the 6th District candidates was discussed behind closed doors.

Democratic Caucus: Gayle Wellard read a summary of Dr. Kerry Crawford’s presentation at the last Caucus meeting. Graham West will be the speaker at the next Caucus Meeting on June 23rd. The topic will be Russian interference in the election. The Caucus meetings are held at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 122 E. Court Street in Woodstock at 10:00AM. Ann Holton, wife of Senator Tim Kaine will be the speaker at the Democratic Picnic on Saturday, July 28th at 6:00PM at Edinburg Park.

Other Business: Joy Bauserman distributed a handout explaining the information gleaned from voter demographics research in our county. Committee members were encouraged to review the material and to come to the next meeting prepared to share voter outreach ideas.

Announcements: April Moore announced that Andy Schmookler will speak on June 13th at 7:00PM at the Music Room at the Simms Center in Harrisonburg. The Simms Center is located at 620 Simms Avenue. The topic will be “How to Bring Light to the Political Darkness in America Today?”.

Jack Schillinger announced that 20 Democrats marched in the Strasburg Mayfest Parade.

It was announced that Tim Kaine will be in Front Royal on Saturday, June 9th from 3:00-4:30PM at the Front Royal Brewing Company at 122 E. Main Street.

Gayle Wellard reminded everyone that the Annual Democratic Dinner will be held at the Moose Lodge on Friday Sept. 14th.
Trina West spoke in behalf of Jennifer Lewis’s candidacy for 6th District Representative and Linda Allen spoke on behalf of Peter Volosin’s candidacy.
There being no further business it was moved by Bill Scott and seconded by April Moore to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 PM. The motion passed unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Trina West, Committee Secretary