Chairman Katherine Morrison called the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee meeting to order at 7:30 PM with 43 people in attendance (see list below).

Announcements: Katherine Morrison announced that the new audio equipment being tested at the meeting is courtesy of Fred Hoerr. Fred owns the equipment and will be lending it to the Democratic Committee and Caucus for events. She also announced that Leo Snarr passed away. Bob Lowerre spoke about Leo’s association with the Democratic Party. Katherine’s final announcement was that the Committee will no longer be using “Pass the Hat” as a cash fundraiser. She reported that accepting unrecorded cash in this manner is a violation of political campaign contribution laws. Ceasing monthly fundraising will result in an average loss of $120.00 a month to support Committee activities. The hat was passed around one last time with slips of paper in it with the address for people to mail their donation in the form of a check to the Shenandoah Democratic Committee. The address is PO Box 341 Woodstock, VA 22664. It was suggested that each member contribute $100 to fund the Committee for the year.

Introductions: Special guests Bruce Sinclair and Ian McNally from the Virginia 2018 Coordinated Campaign were introduced. Members of the Committee then introduced themselves.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Minutes from the March 7, 2018 Committee Meeting and the Treasurer’s Report ending March 30, 2018 were presented for approval (motion to accept by Nathan West, 2nd by April Moore, passed unanimously).

6th Congressional District and State Central Committee Reports: Howard Brown reported that the 6th District Chair Maria Childress did not properly accept the petitions for ballot approval and placement of the candidates running for the 6th District US House seat. She also lied about her acceptance of the petitions. Members of the 6th District Committee met twice about this issue and requested Maria’s resignation. At the time of this meeting she had not resigned. Howard also reported that four candidates have been approved for the race.

Report on Board of Supervisor (BOS) Activities: Lee Scharf reported that the Shenandoah County proposed budget of $91 million was reduced to $69 million. This budget amount is a $6.6 million increase over the 2018 budget. This budget will increase county property taxes from 60 to 66 cents per $100 evaluation and personal property tax from $3.60 to $3.90 per $100 valuation. A public hearing on the budget will be held on April 5, 2018 at Peter Muhlenberg Middle School. Public comments will be heard and Democrats are encouraged to attend and to wear the “Democrat with Attitude” buttons that were handed out. The final budget will be approved on April 17, 2018. All are encouraged to go to to review the proposed budget.
Special Presentations: Bruce Sinclair of the Virginia 2018 Coordinated Campaign explained that the campaign has five goals: (1) re-elect Senator Tim Kaine, (2) support the four Democrat incumbent congressmen, (3) support new Democrat nominees, (4) support local Democrat candidates, and (5) build an infrastructure and database for future state elections. They plan to accomplish these goals through GOTV efforts and a digital campaign. They will be targeting “Presidential Democrat Voters”, new voters from the 2017 Virginia election, persuadable voters, and newly registered voters. Ian McNally, the Regional Field Director for our area, said he will be working with our group on training for targeted voter registration and GOTV efforts. He brought Kaine campaign signs and bumper stickers and announced that Senator Kaine will be in Harrisonburg at Pale Fire Brewing on Sat., April 7th.

Other Business: April Moore brought up the proposal that the Committee purchase three large banners or flags to be used at Committee events. The motion was made by April Moore and 2nd by Bill Scott that the Committee purchase two banners or flags and that the Caucus purchase a third at the best price available. The motion passed unanimously. Anyone with ideas of where to purchase these types of items is encouraged to contact April at Joy Bauserman presented a summary of the Committee’s priorities. She said the main goal of GOTV is divided into three equal parts: Audience, Message, and Resources.
Announcements: The next Democratic Caucus meeting will be held on April 28, 2018. The topic is National Defense. Speakers will be Chuck Smith on the SM3 Fleet Missile and Nathan West on the F-35 Program. The Caucus meets at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 122 E. Court Street in Woodstock at 10:00 AM. Linda Allen announced that the Virginia Assembly will enter a special session on April 11, 2018.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:04 PM (motion by Bill Scott, 2nd by Nathan West, passed unanimously).
Respectfully submitted,
Trina West, Committee Secretary

Attendees by Precinct: Luther Santiful/Conicville, Emily Scott/ Woodstock, Katherine Morrison/Woodstock, Bob Hassert/Strasburg, Lisa Brown/Woodstock, Howard Brown/ Woodstock, April Moore/Orkney Springs, Bob Lowerre/St. Luke, Jessica Kelly/Mt. Jackson, David Evans/Conicville, Helen Adams/Edinburg, John Q. Adams/Edinburg, Jim Cook/Edinburg, Helen Jean Smith/Woodstock, Dan Smith/Woodstock, Nathan West/Conicville, Trina West/Conicville, Judith Marden/Woodstock, William T. Scott/Edinburg, Dennis Atwood/Tom’s Brook, Joy Bauserman/Woodstock, Linda Allen/Tom’s Brook, Sue Low/Woodstock, Gayle Wellard/St. Luke, Don Kienzle/Orkney Springs, Fred Hoerr/Fort Valley, Lewis Cohen/Edinburg, Wilhelmina Santiful/Conicville, Lee Scharf/Edinburg, John Schillinger/Strasburg, Liz Schillinger/Strasburg, Deanna Shoop/Woodstock, Mary Gessner/Woodstock, Lore Fogle/Fort Valley, Barbara Buttram/Woodstock, Gerald Buttram/Woodstock, Diane Gould/Woodstock, Brenda Rawlings/Fort Valley, Timothy Funk/Woodstock, Rashine Sturdivant/Woodstock, Mark Pierce/Tom’s Brook, Jeanne Russel/Edinburg, Sarah Garland/Woodstock.