Chairman Katherine Morrison called the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee meeting to order at 7:35 PM. There were approximately 41 people in attendance. 


Introductions: Introductions by attendees. Attendance list on file.


Bill Scott lead the Committee in giving Katherine Morrison a round of applause for approaching the Shenandoah County Sheriff about removing the offensive signs hanging in the Republicans’ booth at the fair.


Chairman’s Report: Katherine Morrison thanked the many volunteers who made the fair booth such a success. Special thanks were given to Joy Bauserman, Diane Hanson, and Glen and Linda Nielsen.


Katherine also thanked Doug and Farimah Shuerman for their efforts in setting up the Democratic office at 148 N. Main Street in Woodstock. The office will be open Mon-Fri from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Sat from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Sun from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Volunteers are needed to sit in the office. Office volunteers can make phone calls or write postcards to voters. Trina West announced that phone banking packets will be available at the office. People can come and pick up a packet at any time and return it on Thursdays by 9:00 AM so the data can be entered.


Katherine also announced that the Committee needs recommendations of places to hang large campaign signs. We also need volunteer to help put up these signs.


Precinct Captains were reminded of the three tasks they need to be working on and preparing for: (1) Finding people in their precincts to canvass, (2) Identifying community members who need rides to the polls on election day, and (3) Developing a plan for having a visible presence at the polls on election day.


Ideas were discussed for an election night celebration.


Adoption of Consent Agenda: Chairman Katherine Morrison announced that Howard Brown had taken over the duties of treasurer and produced this month’s report. The account access names have been changed at the bank and a debit card has been issued on the Committee’s account. Mike Cook has served as the Committee treasurer since 1992. Ways to recognize his service were discussed.  Sarah Garland moved and Bill Scott seconded to prepare a certificate of appreciation for Mike Cook. The motion passed unanimously.  Minutes from the August 1, 2018 Committee Meeting and the Treasurer’s Report ending August 31, 2018 were presented for approval. A motion to accept the Consent Agenda was made by Nathan West, was seconded by Bill Scott, and passed unanimously.


Chairman’s Report Continued:  Katherine Morrison announced that the annual fundraising dinner will be moved from the month of September to the month of March.


She also announced that Emily Scott will coordinate phone communication for the Committee for those who do not use electronic forms of communication.


Board of Supervisors Report (BOS): Lee Scharf reported that Linda Allen is going to present a ratification resolution for the Equal Rights Amendment at the BOS meeting on September 6th. The resolution is posted on the web site. The board will vote on the resolution at their September 25th meeting.


Voter Registration: Linda Allen said that the post card writing project is about one-half complete. Donations for stamps are needed. There are two post card writing parties a week scheduled through the first week in October. Ralph Craft will be putting on a training “How to Canvass Like a Pro” at 3:30 PM on Sunday, September 9th at the Democratic Headquarters. Canvass teams will launch after the training. Canvassing packets are available at the office so people can go out at any time.


Linda also announced there will be a fundraiser for Jennifer Lewis on Friday, September 14th from 4:30-6:30 PM at Ridge Runner Farms and Brewing at 6895 Back Road in Maurertown. Jennifer will be at the event.


Lynlee Waiste introduced herself as the new Field Organizer for Augusta, Greene, Paige, Rockingham, and Shenandoah County. She said she is available to support the Committee and to work towards building for the future in Shenandoah County. She has posted our canvassing events on Senator Kaine’s website and can put in requests for him to attend events in the county.


6th Congressional District and State Central Committee Reports: Katherine Morrison read a report from Howard Brown indicating that the 6th District met on August 21st and discussed the ordering of coordinated campaign signs. There will be no meeting in September.


Other Business: Katherine Morrison announced that the Committee will be collecting checks for a collective donation written to The Albert Shanker Institute in memory of Eugenia Kemble. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 341, Woodstock, VA 22664.


Katherine also announced that the Democratic Caucus will meet on September 22nd at 10:00 AM at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock. The program will be on gun rights.


April Moore announced that we still need a Precinct Captain for New Market.


Adjourn: There being no further business it was moved by Bill Scott, and seconded by Nathan West to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 PM. The motion passed unanimously.  



Respectfully submitted,

Trina West

Committee Secretary