Chairman Katherine Morrison called the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee meeting to order at 7:30 PM. There were approximately 40 people in attendance.

Introductions: Introductions by attendees. Attendance list on file.

Chairman’s Report: Katherine Morrison announced that Eugenia Kemble, who has served as the head of the Education Committee, is in poor health. Members can send messages of support to: Eugenia Kemble c/o Holy Cross Hospital, Room 5208 at 1500 Forest Glen Road in Silver Springs, MD 20901.

Katherine announced that Mike Cook is resigning as Treasurer of the Committee. Nominations were opened for his replacement. Katherine Morrison nominated Howard Brown, 2nd by Nathan West. Bill Scott moved to close nominations, 2nd by Lou Cohen. The motion carried. Howard Brown was unanimously elected by voice vote.

Katherine explained that a new online donation system has been set up for the Committee.. This will help us be more strategic in both our fundraising and spending. Look for the “Act Blue” link on all Committee communications, our website, and Facebook page. Special thanks to David Evans for setting up this account.

Katherine thanked all the Precinct Captains for their hard work on Primary Day. We added 30+ people to our email list from our sign-up tables at the polls.

Katherine reported she is still searching for office space for the Committee during the election. A two to three-month lease is difficult to find in Woodstock. She looked at a house at 828 S. Main Street that might work as both a campaign headquarters and a place for staff to stay overnight. She will continue to search for a location.

Katherine announced that Trina West will be the point person for ordering all promotional material. Joy Bauserman and Diane Hanson will be putting together ideas for materials to hand out at the fair. Joy distributed a hand out with different topics to focus on. Business cards, rack cards, brochures, and post cards were discussed. Samantha Litchford from the Coordinated Campaign talked about what materials we will have when we are canvassing.

Katherine said the Executive Committee feels the organization will function more effectively if we create some sub-committees within the Committee. The committees and their members are: Budget: Howard Brown, Nathan West, and Lew Cohen; Candidate Recruitment: Sara Garland; Get Out the Vote: Mary Gessner; Fundraising: Katherine Morrison; Events and Outreach: David Evans; Education: On hold.
Anyone interested in serving on a committee should contact the committee members in place or Katherine.

Adoption of Consent Agenda: Minutes from the June 6, 2018 Committee Meeting and the Treasurer’s Report ending July 9, 2018 were presented for approval. A motion to accept by Nathan West was 2nd by Bill Scott and passed unanimously.

Board of Supervisors Report (BOS): Lee Scharff reported the BOS has spent a lot of time on administrative details the last few meetings involving staff positions, taking bids for the Emergency Communications Complex, and approving a facilitator for the Fire and Rescue Department’s planning. Additionally, they made a recommendation for the transportation/infrastructure Smart Scale Project. They are also preparing for the Medicaid expansion. An estimated 2000-2200 county residents should be eligible. The county plans to add 2-3 staff members to review previously rejected applications and to administer the program. They have not received all the details on the program yet so it is not being advertised.

Voter Registration: Mary Gessner reminded everyone that all planned registration events are posted at Sign Up Genius. Everyone who volunteers to register voters needs to be trained. There will be a voter registration event at the county building at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 25th. Our first canvassing event will be this coming Saturday. We have plans to go into the high schools when school resumes. She reminded everyone that registration can be conducted anywhere. She also emphasized we need Spanish speakers to help with these efforts. Trina West reported that she had spoken with Gary Ellis from the State Board of Elections and he said we are able to identify ourselves as Democrats and display anything we want at our registration events. Samantha Litchford from the Coordinated Campaign said she will have material available for the “Weekend of Action” canvassing event this coming Saturday. She will meet those who want to canvass at the Old Courthouse in Woodstock at noon. This canvass event will focus on strong Democrats. Linda Allen reported that the Sign-Up Genius site is now available for volunteers to use. Members are encouraged to go to and enter her email,, to volunteer for events under Shenandoah County Democrats. Linda said she can add any type of event to the site with an unlimited number of attendees. She encouraged people to attend the “see and be seen” rallies sponsored by Shenandoah Indivisible and to write postcards and donate stamps.

Presentation by Samantha Litchford: Samantha talked about the new “Voter’s Circle” tool. This is an email system that helps you identify Democrats within your contact list and send them a personalized email from you about the upcoming election.

County Fair: Joy Bauserman circulated a sign in sheet for volunteers to sit at the fair booth. She wants organized voter registration boxes at the booth. She will be using the Blue Wave sign and would like posters of the candidates for the booth. She would like other ideas for decorating the booth. She also wants ideas for handouts. They need to be simple and written at an 8th grade level.

Picnic Plans: Helen Jean Smith announced the picnic will be Saturday, July 28th from 5:00-7:00 at Edinburg Park. Food will be provided by Bean’s BBQ and catering by Happenings. The picnic will be paid for by the Committee and there will be a bucket there to accept contributions. Ann Holton and Jennifer Lewis will be speaking and music will be provided by Billy Vaughn. Set up will be at 4:00PM. Lou Cohen will be providing the drinks. It was decided not to formally advertise the picnic. April Moore volunteered to call the new people who signed up at the precincts to personally invite them. There will be a voter registration table and an ERA table.

6th Congressional District and State Central Committee Reports: Howard Brown reported that the 6th District fundraiser has been pushed back until sometime in September. Maria Childress, the 6th District Chairman, has resigned. The Committee had lost confidence in her ability to appropriately do the Chairman’s job.

Other Business: Luther Santiful announced that Betsy Sullivan passed away. A memorial service has not yet been announced.

Luther also announced that the Conicville Parade will be Friday, July 20th at 7:00 PM. Line up at 6:30 PM on Dodson Road.

Fred Hoerr issued a challenge to everyone to go on Act Blue and make a reoccurring donation to the Committee. He said it is very easy to do. Sara Garland called on David Evans to give an update on Act Blue. David said since June 27th the Committee has raised over $700 on the Act Blue site.

There being no further business it was moved by Bill Scott and seconded by Nathan West to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM. The motion passed unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Trina West, Committee Secretary