Chairman Katherine Morrison called the Shenandoah County Democratic Committee meeting to order at 7:30 PM. There were approximately 38 people in attendance. 


Introductions: Introductions by attendees. Attendance list on file.


Chairman’s Report: Katherine Morrison announced that the Committee has a healthy balance in its account thanks to the contributions through the Act Blue on-line fundraising function.


She also announced there will be no Committee Meeting in November. Instead, there will be an election celebration party on November 6th at 7:30 PM at the Holiday Inn Express in Woodstock. Sarah Garland and Diane Gould will be planning the event. A sign-up sheet was passed around for volunteers to bring snacks. The Committee will provide the drinks.


Adoption of Consent Agenda: Minutes from the September 5, 2018 Committee Meeting and the Treasurer’s Report ending August 30, 2018 were presented for approval. A motion to accept the Consent Agenda was made by Nathan West, was seconded by Fred Hoerr, and passed unanimously.


Reports from Precinct Captains: GOTV and Planning for Election Day

Elaine Harshman- Orkney Springs: Table at polling location on election day, canvassing, and recruiting Democrats for email list.

Emily Scott- First District Chair, reporting for Woodstock: Needs volunteers.

Lew Cohen- Edinburg: Needs volunteers.

Luther Santiful- Conicville: Table at polling location on election day is fully staffed.

Jessica Kelly- Mount Jackson: Needs volunteers.

Fred Hoerr- Fort Valley: Has placed strategic signs in not very friendly territory, has an active Postcard Committee writing cards, table at polling location on election day is fully staffed.

Mark Pierce- Tom’s Brook: Needs help at all three polling locations. Has prepared over 700 postcards to voters in the precinct.

Jack Schillinger- Strasburg: Will have a fully staffed table covered by a tent at the polling location. Will be serving coffee and donuts. Have been putting out signs in the area.


Office Report: Farimah Schuerman reported that volunteers are still needed to staff the office, particularly on Fridays from 4:00-7:00 PM. She needs volunteers to decorate the office for Woodstock Trick or Treating on October 27th. Volunteers are encouraged to wear nonpolitical costumes to the office that day. Trina West announced that there are lots of yard signs in the office to be picked up and put out. Linda Allen said a VDOT employee told here signs can be placed up against the right-of-way behind the utility poll wires. If you see signs in the right of way a complaint can be filled on the VDOT website. Katherine Morrison announced that the Committee has been getting several requests for large signs. We need volunteers to erect these signs.


Electoral Issue: Charlie House, Chairman of the Shenandoah County Electoral Board, cautioned that sign placement is an issue of right away and trespassing punishable as a Class 1 Misdemeanor by fines and jail time. He said the county has 43 new voter registrations this election cycle. Sixty-nine absentee ballots have been cast so far and 220 have been mailed out. He thinks the County is on its way towards a big voter turnout. He reminded the Precinct Captains of the 40-foot set back at the polling places for campaigning. Election training is coming up for poll workers and each party is allowed representatives to observe at the polls on election day. A letter from the County Chairman is needed to serve as an observer. Lynlee Wastie from the Coordinated Campaign encouraged everyone to check their voter status at There have been some reports of voter purging in the state.


Democratic Caucus: Helen Jean Smith reported that the Caucus Meeting on October 27th will be held in the back yard of the Headquarters in Woodstock, rain or shine, and will be a fundraiser for Jennifer Lewis. Jennifer will speak and Lynlee Wastie will speak for Tim Kaine. People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and canopies. On November 3rd the Caucus plans to hold a “Blue Mile” event north and south of the Courthouse on Main Street in Woodstock from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. People are encouraged to wear blue and to bring their yard signs and signs about health care to the event. The event will be held rain or shine. Those planning to attend should email Helen Jean at or sign up via Sign Up Genius.


Board of Supervisors Report (BOS): Lee Scharf reported that the BOS has been working on Circuit Court staffing requests, a pump upgrade for the Tom’s Brook Sanitary District, Stoney Creek Sanitary District concerns, and the Sheriff’s Office public safety radio system replacement and emergency communications complex. They also have reviewed the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District update. She also reported that the BOS voted 4-2 to approve the resolution in support of ratification by the state of Virginia of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. Dick Neese and Richard Walker casts the two nay votes.


Voter Registration: Linda Allen announced that along with voter registration efforts Committee members are canvassing, calling, and writing postcards to potential voters. Approximately 5000 postcards will be mailed to Shenandoah County voters on October 25th. Jennifer Lewis will be at the Woodstock office to canvass on October 13th. Joy Bauserman recognized Diane Hanson for designing and printing the postcards that the Committee is sending out and Katherine Morrison acknowledged her for designing a certificate of appreciation for the outgoing treasurer Mike Cook.


Other Business: Lew Cohen announced that we need sample ballots for the tables at the polling locations on election day. John Adams volunteered to go to the local VFW or American Legion posts to talk to veterans about the upcoming election. Bob Lowerre recounted his experience of working with Ted Grassley when he served on the House Ag Committee. Dennis Atwood gave an update on the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Chairman Katherine Lewis encouraged more people to volunteer to do the work of electing Democrats in the county. The idea of giving people rides to the polls on Election Day was discussed as was curbside voting.


Adjourn: There being no further business it was moved by Dan Smith, and seconded by Nathan West to adjourn the meeting at 8:59 PM. The motion passed unanimously.  



Respectfully submitted,

Trina West

Committee Secretary